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ECUType / AEMSeries2

AEM Series 2

  • ECU configuration required

ECU configuration

Message Information

CAN Telemetry Settings

CAN Message Data

CAN Message 1

ID: 0x100

'() indicates alias channels.'

CAN Message 2

ID: 0x101

'() indicates alias channels.'

CAN Message 3

ID: 0x102

'() indicates alias channels.'

CAN Message 4

ID: 0x103

'() indicates alias channels.'


  • Refer to ECU documentation for CAN H and CAN L pin assignment.
  • Connect CAN H to DASH2 pro, DL1mk3/club/pro/WP or CAN interface CAN H
  • Connect CAN L to pro, DL1mk3/club/pro/WP or CAN interface CAN L

Channel Listing

ECU Name Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution
Engine speed Engine RPM RPM VAR_0010 25 RPM
Batterey volts misc 3 Battery voltage VAR_4002 0.001v
Coolant temp temperature 8 Water temp VAR_1007 1 oC
Air temp temperature 6 Inlet post intercooler 1 VAR_1005 1 oC
Throttle aux 1 Throttle position VAR_2000 0.10%
Engine Load pressure 5 Boost pressure VAR_3504 0.10%
Baro pressure pressure 1 Ambient air pressure VAR_3500 1 mBar
Lambda misc 1 Lambda 1 VAR_4000 0.01 lambda
Ign timing angle 2 Ignition angle VAR_3001 0.1 degree
Gear aux 26 Auxiliary 1 VAR_2025 1/bit
Vehicle speed aux 27 Auxiliary 2 VAR_2026 0.1MPH
ADCR8 aux 14 Fuel inj 1 cut VAR_2013 0.001V
ADCR11 aux 15 Fuel inj 2 cut VAR_2014 0.001V
ADCR13 aux 16 Fuel inj 3 cut VAR_2015 0.001V
ADCR14 aux 17 Fuel inj 4 cut VAR_2016 0.001V

Note - Not all channels listed in the table(s) above may be available from your ECU. This can be dependent on the vehicle model & year of manufacture.

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