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The SPEEDBOX MINI is very similar to the standard SPEEDBOX, but features the following differences:

  • The power supply input is 9-15V rather than the higher 9-30V voltage range of the standard unit
  • There are no analogue inputs or outputs as standard, 4 analogue inputs available as an option
  • The unit is much smaller, with the complete unit measuring only 160 x 131 (including un-mated SMA/BNC connectors) x 27mm
  • Lower cost than a standard SPEEDBOX unit

For all other technical information regarding the SPEEDBOX MINI, please refer to the SPEEDBOX information.

Key product differences

2x RS232 ports 1x RS232 port
4x ADC/DAC 4x ADC (optional)
9-30v input range 9-15v input range
Dimensions 199x135x43 Dimensions 160x111x27mm
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