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LiveMonitor / VariableManager

Variable Manager

You can load the Variable Manager by going to “Display -> Variable Manager”

The variable manager allows you to edit the following properties of the variables the program uses:

  • Setting Variable name, units, for example kph or mph for speed
  • Setting minimum and maximum values
  • Setting advanced options: Calculus and Maximum rate of change

Assigning variables to controls

To associate a variable with a control - i.e. have the control display that variable - drag the variable from the tree and drop it onto the body of the control.

All of the variables can be categorized into seven major groups:

  • Standard variables – these are the most commonly used variables in the software
  • External Inputs – these are inputs from external sensors that are not converted/mapped to other channels, for example analogue and frequency inputs
  • GPS variables – these are the variables form the GPS system
  • User defined variables - These allow you to calculate your own variables based on the ones that already exist with the analysis program, for example the different between 2 other varaibles
  • Serial variables – these are typically ECU data channels that are either taken from an external ECU data convertor, or calculated in real time from an analogue input etc
  • Misc variables – Logging status
  • CAN variables – these are CAN variables read in from a DBC file (more information available about calculating CAN variables is available here:
    • Variable calculation
    • Managing CAN variables
Page last modified on July 08, 2016, at 02:45 PM