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LiveMonitor / DataTable

Data Table

The Data Table displays the information that is being received from the RT product.

The far right hand column shows the rate at which the information is being sampled. This may be changed by using the configuration software, although (due to the limitations caused when re-flashing) the number displayed will only ever be an approximation.

The Native Units column represent the raw information that is coming directly from the data logger.

The User Units column displays the information that is converted based on the settings in the default variable file or file you have loaded using the “Load variables” button. The way in which the units are displayed can be altered using the variable manager in the Live Monitor software or the Analysis software. (E.g. The speed can be set to display mph rather than kph; or one of the analogue inputs can be set to act as specific type of sensor). A variable file with your correct variable definitions can be loaded into both the Analysis and Live Monitor software.

Data Table Display Options

Reset Origin

The Reset Origin button, on the right hand side of this section, can be used to reset the x and y positions to 0. This can be useful if, for example, logging has been started without there being a firm GPS lock.

Use Large Font

This displays the result in a larger font.

Lock Grid Layout

This prevents new messages being added to the list or old ones from being removed.

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