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ECUType / IgnijetECU




Details for implementation of IGNIJET 2007 datastream for logging software:

We produce unit IGNIJET 2007 since February 2007. CAN protocol for datalogging is disposable from April 2009. CAN hardware has got all units IGNIJET 2007, but so far they don´t make messages for datalogging. We can exchange firmware in older units. We can unfortunately exchange firmware only by ignijet.

Bit rate is 500k, for bikes Aprilia it is 250k (reason is, that CAN is shared also for messages to original dashboard). Frequency of messages is 10Hz.

Hardware is high speed CAN (PCA82C250T is used). CANH is on pin 8, CANL is on pin 6, GND is on pin 5 in 9pin data connector. There is terminal resistor 180 Ohm between CANH and CANL.

CAN on unit Ignijet 2008 is same as on Ignijet 2007.

Unit Ignijet 2007 Ducati has low speed CAN, bit rate is 125k. Data structure is same as on Ignijet 2007. Older units (Ignijet 2004 and Ignijet Max Power) hasn't CAN hardware - it is not possible for CAN connection. This units upgraded with software Ignijet 2007 is not possible for CAN connection too.


ECU Name Race Technology message Race Technology Default name Race Technology VAR number Resolution
advance cyl. 1 angle 2 Ignition angle VAR_3001 1 degree
main injection time cyl. 1 measured time 1 Fuel inj 1 PW on VAR_2500 0.1 ms
secondary injection time cyl. 1 measured time 2 Fuel inj 2 PW on VAR_2501 0.1 ms
water temperature temperature 8 Water temp VAR_1007 1c
air temperature temperature 1 temperature 1 VAR_1000 1c
registered gear aux 26 Auxiliary 1 VAR_2025 0 (neutral), 1, 2 … 6
air/fuel ratio misc 1 Lambda 1 VAR_4000 0.1
engine speed Engine RPM RPM VAR_0010 1 RPM
air pressure pressure 5 Boost pressure VAR_3504 1mb
supply voltage misc 3 Battery voltage VAR_4002 1mV
speed vehicle aux 27 Auxiliary 2 VAR_2026 1 KPH
inlet air pressure pressure 1 Ambient air pressure VAR_3500 1mb
throttle position sensor aux 1 Throttle position VAR_2000 0.10%

Note - Not all channels listed in the table(s) above may be available from your ECU. This can be dependent on the vehicle model & year of manufacture.

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