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LiveMonitor / VirtualDashboard

Virtual dashboard

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The Virtual dashboard consists of 10 configurable data screens which can be used to display any of the variables within the software. To load up the Virtual dashboard, go to Display -> Show Virtual dashboard.

Toggle between data screens

You can toggle between the data screens using the "Screen" menu or the right click context menu. Both menus displays the same list of screens that are "configured and enabled' using the Virtual dashboard designer.

Note: In the following example screenshot, only six out of ten available screens are enabled:

Toggle between Full screen and Window modes

To enter the full screen mode:

  • Use the menu item "Screen -> Show full screen" or
  • Right click on the dashboard and select "Show full screen" command.

To switch back to window mode:

  • Click "Esc" key or
  • Right click and use the command "Back to window mode"

Configuring data screens

Data screens are configured using the Virtual Dashboard designer.

Use the menu command Configure virtual dashboard either from the "Screen" menu or the right click menu to open the Virtual Dashboard designer application.

You can use the Virtual Dashboard to:

  • Edit properties of default screen layouts
  • Assign a different layouts to factory screens
  • Clear screens etc

As soon as you save the changes made to the screens using Virtual dashboard editor, changes will be instantly reflected in Live monitor's virtual dashboard. So it is possible to keep the virtual dashboard window open while editing layouts using the external editor application.

See Virtual dashboard designer section for more information.

Page last modified on July 09, 2021, at 02:56 PM