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VideoSoftwareUtilities / VideoOverlayDesigner

Video Overlay designer

The user interface of Video overlay designer is identical to Virtual Dashboard Designer.

Video Overlay designer application greatly simplifies the customising of data overlays for video export feature of Analysis software.

Customised overlays appear on the "Select overlay" drop down list in the Analysis Video export dialog as follows:

Up to 10 overlays can be added to the overlay selection drop down list of the Video export dialog and this list can be modified using the Video overlay designer.

Video overlay designer let you choose overlays and assign them to screens. Screen is a container which can hold a copy of a data overlay file. You can name the screens; those names appear in the Analysis Video export dialog's "Select overlay" drop down list.

Customising overlays assigned to the screens

Since screens hold a copy of the selected overlay file, any customisation done to the overlay doesn't affect the original overlay file. Also note that the changes you made to the data overlay screens using Video overlay designer will be instantly available to Analysis video export.

Page last modified on December 21, 2021, at 12:05 PM