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ECUType / ElectromotiveTEC3AndTEC3r

Electromotive TEC3 and TEC3r


  • TEC3
  • TEC3R


The Electromotive TEC3 and TEC3r ECUs require firmware version WT303T3 or later. The serial communication must be set to 38400 baud in the ECU mapping software.


This ECU should be connected via serial / RS232 connections.

Data Channel Listing

ECU Message Name Race Technology Data Channel Resolution of Data
RPM RPM (Engine RPM) 25 RPM
Coolant temp Coolant temp (temperature 8) 0.1 oC
Ignition advance Ignition angle (angle 2) 0.1o
Manifold air temp Ambient air temp (temperature 1) 0.1 oC
Manifold pressure Boost pressure (pressure 5) 1 mBar
AF ratio Lambda 1 (misc 1) 0.01 lambda
Battery voltage Battery voltage (misc 3) 0.01 V
TFPW Fuel inj 1 PW (aux 6) 0.1%
Primary pulse width Fuel inj 1 PW on (measured time 1) 1 ms
Staged pulse width Fuel inj 2 PW on (measured time 2) 1 ms
User defined pulse width Fuel inj 3 PW on (measured time 3) 1 ms
Throttle position Throttle position (aux 1) 0.1%

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

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