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HowDoI / ConnectAnRPMInputToTheDL1MK3

Connect an RPM input

The high level RPM input on the DL1 CLUB can be used to connect to the negative terminal of an ignition coil. The rH terminal must be connected to the negative side of the coil and rG should be connected an earth. rL is not used.

  • To configure the DL1 CLUB for the RPM input, start the configuration software and go to the RPM inputs tab.

  • Enable the High RPM input, set the number of pulses per revolution, depending on the ignition system you are using. If you are having issues with noise on the signal you can also set filtering for smoothing and maximum rate of change here.
  • Click on the Flash Card Storage tab and set the speed at which the RPM input will be logged to the memory card.

  • If you are using the serial output of the DL1 CLUB to drive a dashboard or other display, also set up the output rate for the Output Serial Data tab in the same way.
  • Save the configuration file and load it on to the DL1 CLUB.
Page last modified on August 22, 2014, at 02:26 PM