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Hardware / DASH4PRO2


The DASH4PRO PC firmware and PC configuration software had a very significant update in November 2014, and this help refers to that later version. If you bought a DASH4PRO before this date then when you use this new DASH4PRO configuration software you unit will be automatically updated to the latest firmware version. Before doing this there are a few very important points:

  • The new configuration software is not backwards compatible with older versions, so if you upgrade then you will have to manually recreate your DASH4PRO layout. There is no way to load old format configuration files to the new format.
  • If you do update the firmware to the later version, there is no facility to "downgrade it" back to the previous firmware version.
  • There is no longer a separate firmware image, or reflash procedure for the DASH4PRO - firmware updates are included automatically as part of the configuration process. So when you configure the DASH4PRO by any method, the firmware is also updated if appropriate
  • If you wish to continue using the previous version then you are free to do so, if you want a download link for an older version of the software then please email Race Technology

The DASH4PRO is a powerful data display, that can be configured for a wide range of application. It can be used to display CAN data from 3rd party products or data and advanced lap times from Race Technology’s range of data logging products. It is housed in small metal case designed for dashboard or steering wheel mounting, there is also an option for a suction mount for windscreen mounting. It can be used to provide either supplementary information along side other instruments, or as the primary source of information in race applications.

  • suitable for industrial and race applications
  • fully configurable with 5 page of text, numerical displays, bar graphs and graphs
  • 2 rows of configurable bi colour LEDs
  • real time scaling and filtering of data
  • real time user maths channels
  • configurable alarms for each channel
  • integrated performance monitor for applications such as acceleration timing and brake testing
  • fully integrated CAN functionality, including direct DBC file support
  • Light weight sealed aluminium housing
  • 2 display options: Large configuration OLED screen or backlit LCD screen
  • windscreen and steering wheel mounting options available

The DASH4PRO is housed in a black anodised case and is controlled by a sealed membrane keypad. The OLED display has a very high contrast ratio, a very wide viewing angle and adjustable brightness for operation under varied lighting conditions.

Due to the OLED technology used in the DASH4PRO, readability is not very good in bright sunlight. As such we do not recommend the DASH4PRO for installation in open cockpit cars, for this we recommend the LCD version.

The LCD display does not have the high contrast of the OLED type, however it is a transflective display and is visible in all lighting conditions. The transflective technology ensures it remains at a constant contrast ratio within all lighting conditions - from darkness and using the back-light to full direct sunlight.

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