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Software / AnalysisV10

New analysis software – v10

It’s been a long, hard year for Race Technology’s super-nerds, but finally it’s ready – version 10 of our data analysis software is ready for full release. The software has new features, but just as importantly is now faster and simpler to operate.

Major new features

  • Much improved HD video support in Analysis. Video export is at least 10x faster compared with before. Video scrolling in the main software is much faster.
  • Google maps support is much improved and uses googles latest API
  • Modernised interface and simplified options

Improved Can handling

  • DBC files are now loaded centrally into the “Variable and DBC manager”, the CAN variables are then available in Analysis as well as live monitor and the run processor
  • Full support of all modes supported by the DBC format, in particular all multiplexing modes are now supported
  • Support for J1939 in all programs

Cloud (internet) based storage of the user’s data, fully integrated all applications and the RT live system. This means any data logged by RT live will be available on the web interface, and directly from any PC.

Improved variable handling

  • Global control for market type (Race, Industrial and Safety), and units type (Metric or Imperial).
  • V10 has a single variable file that is used by all programs, so customers will no longer have to have to configure the same sensors in multiple places.
  • Variables are not better arranged in terms of categories and ordering to be more logical.
  • More maths channels (100), temperature channels (50) and auxillary channels (100) for increased flexibility in complex installations.
Page last modified on January 21, 2019, at 10:01 AM