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InstallingRaceTechnologySoftware / UpgradingTheRaceTechnologySoftware

Upgrading the Race Technology Software

From the build 7006 of the Race Technology setup (setup_7006.exe), it supports upgrading its previous versions to the new version.

Important: If you need to install a version earlier than build 7006, you MUST first uninstall the current installation and then start the installation.

Following is a list of setup series that are upgraded by setup_7006.

  • setup_V6.exe
  • setup_V7_2_XX
  • setup_V7_3_XX
  • Setup_7000 to Setup_7005

From build version 7009, setup backups the configuration files created during the program usage. For more information read User Files Backup.

Page last modified on April 08, 2009, at 02:04 PM