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InstallingRaceTechnologySoftware / InstallingSoftware

Installing Software

Following section describes the typical dialogs and messages you encounter during the installation of the setup.

1. Welcome screen

This dialog gives you a brief introduction of the software package you are going to install. Click on the Next button to proceed to the next screen.

When running the installation package, you may receive the following error: Error reading setup initialization file.

This error is usually the result of an unsuccessful download. Sometimes an installer package will have appeared to have downloaded successfully, because no error message was given about the download; however, you will not always receive an error message when the entire file was not downloaded successfully. When you run the exe file, it has enough information available to start running, but it will only get far enough to provide the error message. Since it does not have the complete file content, it will not be able to read the setup initialization file. If you receive this error message, you will need to try downloading the file again.

2. License agreement

Please take a little time to review the License agreement. This is the Agreement between you and the Race Technology Ltd. If you accept it, please proceed to the next step by clicking on the next button.

3. Set default paths

You can change the installation path of the software by clicking on the Change button.

Version 10 of the Analysis software keeps a large swap file on the hard disk for temporary storage. Since it's data is continuously accessed, the disk performance is important and as such a SSD drive is beneficial, although not essential. This swap file is generated along with the first run of the Analysis software.

User can select the swap file location by clicking on the button next to the default swap file location and the file size can be set from 1GB upto 92GB using the drop down.

4. Target application

If you wish to use this software as a racing user, select "Install all racing software".
If you wish to use this software as an industrial user, select "Install all automotive testing software".
If you wish to use this software as a safety user, select "Install all safety software".

You can uncheck the check box at the bottom if you do not wish to include interactive support using TeamViewer software.

5. Default units

This dialog lets you choose the unit system to be used when using the software.

This preference can be changed later from the Variable and DBC Manager screen as shown below.

6. Restore User settings from most recent backup

In the process of installing, you will get a user prompt dialog asking whether you want to restore user settings from the most recent backup.
Click on "Yes" if you want to import user settings from the last version of Race Technology software you were working on (i.e. if you don't want to lose the user settings you were using when switching to the new version).
Clicking "No" will set the user settings of the updated software to default user settings.

7. Ready To Install dialog

Pressing Install button on this dialog will start installing the software. If you need to change any of the settings you have made, press Back button to go to the previous dialogs.

8. Setup Complete Success dialog

When setup installs the Race Technology software successfully on your system, it displays this dialog.
Select the option if you wish to launch the Race Technology V10 software upon exiting the setup and click finish button to end the setup.

Page last modified on January 09, 2019, at 01:25 PM