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Operation / OdometerAndTripMeter

Odometer and trip meter

The DASH2 features a non-resettable odometer as well as a resettable trip counter. These counters are both driven from the “internal” wheel speed input (i.e.: from vehicle sensors connected directly to the DASH2). As such, if the wheel speed input is not used (as might be the case if the DASH2 is connected only to a data logger for vehicle speed data) the odometer will not function.

For the odometer to function correctly, the number of pulses per mile must be set. Change this using “Speedo and RPM”, followed by “Pulses per mile” from the sub-menu. Use the UP/DOWN buttons to toggle to the desire value, then press SELECT to save the new setting. To calculate the number of pulses per mile, measure on the ground the distance travelled during one complete wheel rotation in metres or inches and use one of the following formulae:

Distance in meters: Pulses per mile = 1609/rolling circumference of wheel

Distance in inches: Pulses per mile = 63360/rolling circumference of wheel

NOTE: These formulae assume 1 output pulse per wheel rotation. The DASH2 configuration software also allows for calibration with wheel speed sensors giving more than one pulse per revolution, as described in the Race Technology Online Help System. To calculate the number of pulses per mile in the case, simply multiply the result of the equations overleaf by the number of pulses per wheel rotation.

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