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UBLOXDataFormat / NAV-POSUTMPositionSolutionInUTMWGS84

NAV-POSUTM Position solution in UTM (WGS84)

Description Position solution in UTM (WGS84)


Please note that:

  • UTM conversion does not output Zone Characters (i.e. the Northing Element of a Zone depression)
  • The UTM output does not support the irregularities in the UTM Grid in the Scandinavian and North Pole region
Message structure Header ID Length Payload Checksum
0xB5 0x62 0x01 0x08 18 18 bytes CK_A CK_B
Payload contents:
Byte offset Number format Scaling Name Unit Purpose/Comment
0 U4 - ITOW ms GPS millisecond time of week
4 I4 - EAST cm UTM Easting
8 I4 - NORTH cm UTM Northing
12 I4 - ALT cm Altitude
16 I1 - ZONE - UTM Zone number
17 I1 - HEM - Hemisphere Indicator (0=North, 1=South)
Page last modified on February 11, 2010, at 12:25 PM