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LapTiming / PredictiveLapTimes

Predictive lap times

With predictive lap timing enabled, instead of the lap times being shown as the time up to that point in the lap, the lap time is extrapolated to estimate the lap time if the rest of the lap was covered at the same pace as the fastest lap. For example, if the best lap time was previously 2:45.23, after passing the first sector marker the DASH2 will display:

    SECT            LAP             LAP 

   +0:00.21        +2:45.42         +0:00.19

The first value is again the difference between the time for the sector just completed and the best time for that sector. The second value is the predicted lap time if the remainder of the lap is covered at the same pace as the fastest lap and the third value is the resulting difference between the predicted current lap time and the fastest lap time. Then, after passing the second sector marker the following screen could be displayed. The first figure indicates that the second sector was covered 1.00s faster than the previous fastest time for that sector. The second figure is the update predicted lap time and the third figure is the difference between this predicted lap time and the current fastest lap time.

    SECT           LAP             LAP

   -0:01.00      +2:44.42         -0:00.81
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