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ANALOG16 / Specification

Power requirements +5.5 to 24V
Power consumption 1W
Case construction Die-cast aluminium
Dimensions 163x62x34mm
Mass 295g
IP rating IP50
Operating temperature -40 to 70 degrees C
Humidity 5 to 95% non-condensing
Fixing method Fixing links to other Race Technology products / velro / tie wraps
Outputs RS232,CAN
Maximum baud rate 1Mb/s
Data rate Configurable up to 100Hz per channel
Identifiers Configurable addresses, 11 or 29 bit
Baud rate 115200 or 460800 baud
Data rate Configurable up to 100Hz per channel
Data format Race Technology Analogue/Temperature/Pressure/Auxiliary/Angle/Misc channels
Input impedance 180k between + and - inputs
Sample rate Variable up to 100Hz per channel
Internal resolution 3.28uV
Resolution 24 bits
Typical accuracy at 25degrees C ambient 0.025% full scale
Hardware filter RC Digital low-pass
Maximum input range ± 27.5V

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