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Installation-NEW / PhysicalInstallation-NEW

Physical installation of the Display Unit

The DASH2 must be securely mounted onto flat surface or suitable bracket. When deciding on a mounting location it is important to position the viewing angle for the best display contrast. The display can be clearly read over a wide range of incidence angles, but it is most clearly viewed from an angle of approximately 10-20 above the display axis.

A printed template has been provided and should be used to check that there is sufficient space for mounting the unit. There should also be room for drilling the clearance holes for the fixing screws and the 14 way electrical connections. All three mounting holes should be used to prevent the unit from loosening under vibration. In addition, the use of a low strength, thread locking compound is recommended for installations in a high vibration environment. Mounting requires M4 fasteners with a thread engagement depth of 5mm. Avoid over tightening the mounting screws to prevent thread damage.

Page last modified on October 05, 2016, at 09:10 AM