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DASH4PROFDControlProperties / TextResultsObject

Text Results object

When triggered testes are enabled, text results object is used to display output from a SPEEDBOX unit, This control has the following properties:

Left and Top: The Left and Top properties are the coordinates of the left and top border of the control.

Width and Height: Minimum width of the control should be set to the 50% of the screen width.

Font: Font can be set to either small (default) or Tiny.

Auto Scroll: When enabled and text result is received, received results will be scrolled up until beginning then scrolled down until end. this will continue until next result is received.

Wrap Text: Select to enable the text wrapping of the control. wrapping will re-arrange the received text, that can enhance the readability.

Page last modified on February 07, 2024, at 09:24 AM