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DASH2PROOperation / Configure

Configure (Menu 6)

Select menu 6 to override some of the configurations which are set on the PC, this can be particularly useful for setting up preferences on shift lights and LCD settings which can not be determined easily from the PC, as well as setting up options for the lap timing data

  • Lap Timing (Menu 6.1)
  • Display Contrast (Menu 6.2)
Select to adjust the contrast on the display. As the contrast value is adjusted on the screen the effect will be shown immediately on the display
  • Brightness (Menu 6.3)
Select this to adjust the day and night brightness for the LEDs as well as the day and night brightness for the LCD back light.
  • Zero accels (Menu 6.4)
If the DASH2 PRO is not mounted vertically there will be an offset on the accelerometers
Page last modified on November 01, 2013, at 05:57 AM