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RunProcessor / CommandLineSwitches

Run Processor Command line switches and arguments

Run processor command line switches and arguments can be used to do all operations that can be possible with the GUI version.

The command line has the following format:

RunProcessor.exe   “/Switch1:(arguments)       /Switch2:(arguments).......   /SwitchN(arguments)”

Command line switches start with forward slash (/), followed by the switch name, followed by a colon character which separates the argument(s) of the switch. Arguments are enclosed between opening and closing parenthesis. Arguments inside the parenthesis are separated using semi colon character.



Command line switch “input” is used to specify the input run file (or folder). It has one argument – the file or folder path. (Note that all file paths must be enclosed between double quotes.)

/TestUnits:(kmh ; m ; g)

Command line switch “TestUnits” is used to specify the units for performance tests. This switch has three arguments. Each argument is separated using semi colon character.
  • You must enclose all command line switches and arguments inside a couple of double quotation marks. This is to avoid windows returning errors on long command line strings.
  • If no command line switches are specified, then GUI version will be loaded.
  • Command line switches and arguments are not case sensitive, capitalization in the syntax is only for readability.
  • There are two types of switches – compulsory and optional. If an optional switch is not specified, default values will be used.

Note: last used user settings in the GUI mode are saved the disk when you exit from the application. These settings are used as the default values in command line mode, if a switch is not specified in the command line.


RunProcessor.exe     “/FO:(<file operation>)     /Input:(<Input file or folder>)     /OutFF:(<output file format>)     /SP:(<separator character or characters>)     /LOADVAR:(<variable file path>)     /RAWFREQ:(<Frequency in Hz>)     /LOADDBC:(<dbc file 1>)(<dbc file 2>)…(<dbc file n>)     /SLEN:(<Split length in seconds>)     /Test:(<test configuring values>)     /TestUnits(<speed unit> ; <distance unit> ; <accel unit>)     /TestOutput:(<test output format>)     /TableOfResults: (<Table Intervals for Speed and Distance>)     /TestVariables:(<list of allowed test variables>)“

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