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LapTiming-NEW / TargetMarkerAndSectorTimes

Using target marker and sector times

The best lap and sector times will be reset by default each time you start a new run. There is a mode on the DASH2 where the lap and sector times can be edited and kept from one run to the next. This is very useful for pacing functions where a comparison against a known lap time is required.

The lap timing is split into two sections, sector times and lap times. The lap times are the times from the beginning of the lap to the given marker, whereas the sector times are the total times for the given sector. The two sets of timing data are set up independently. Thus it is possible to monitor performance against fixed sector times whilst still having a constantly updated best lap time or vice versa.

Copying current lap/sector times to memory

After completing a run, the lap and sector times from the run can be stored to use as a reference for the next run. To do this, go to “Lap timing”, followed by “Store sector times”, to store sector times or “Store marker times”, to store lap times. In each case press the SELECT button to save the current sector or lap times to the DASH2 memory. Once the times have been stored to memory they can be used for subsequent runs or edited.

Editing target lap/sector times

To edit the target sector or lap times, go to “Lap timing”, followed by “Edit sector times” or “Edit marker times”, and press SELECT to edit the stored target sector and lap times, respectively. NOTE: Target sector and lap times must first be stored to the DASH2 memory before they are available for editing. The screen will now show the marker or sector times for each sector. Use the UP and DOWN buttons to select the sector time to edit, and then press the SELECT button. The UP and DOWN buttons can now be used to change the target time. Pressing and holding the buttons will cause the times to change faster. When the required time is displayed press the SELECT button to save the new time and return to the previous screen, to enable selection of another sector for editing. When all times are set, press the MENU button to exit and return to display mode.

Using target marker/sector times

To use the target sector times and lap times, go to “Lap timing”, followed by “Use stored sectors” or “Use stored markers”. Press SELECT, then use the UP and DOWN button to set the option to “yes” and SELECT to save and exit. For each run, lap and sector times will then be compared with the target values stored in the DASH2 memory.

Page last modified on October 05, 2016, at 10:05 AM