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LegacyProducts / PedalPositionSensor

Pedal Movement Sensor

An economical, short stroke linear position sensor ideal for use in detecting pedal position. Glass filled, nylon body with 10mm electrical stroke and spring loaded plunger. Technical Data Resistance 5 (linear, 20%) kΩ Linearity 2% Temperature coefficient 0 to 200 ppm/C Maximum output smoothness 0.5% Operating temperature -40 to +130 C Mechanical travel 12.5 mm Operating Force 1 to 7.5 N Mechanical life 5*106 Measured current, max. 1 mA Thermal time constant 15 s Max. power loss at ∆T≈1K and stationery air 23C ≤300 ms-2 Degree of protection (with single conductor sealing) IP64K Corrosion tested as per DIN 50 021 Plugs Compact 1, Gold plated pins Tightening torque 18 Nm Installation

There are 3 leads that come from the sensor: the red lead should be attached to the +5v supply from the Data Logger Units, the black lead should be connected to the ground connection on the Data Logger Units and the white lead should be connected to an analogue input. A user defined variable can be entered into the analysis software to convert the voltage into an actual displacement if required.

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