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CANConfiguration / ImportingCANDataFromADBCFile

Importing CAN data from a .DBC file

CAN configuration data can be imported directly from a DBC file. Click on Import from DBC and a standard dialog box will come up, navigate to your .dbc file and click open. A window will open which will allow expansion of both the messages and signals within the messages of the .dbc file.

Navigate within the window using the + to open up messages until the correct signal within the message is located.

To set up a CAN channel with a signal drag the signal name from this window to the message in the main CAN configuration window When this is done the CAN channel will automatically become enabled. The channel can then be mapped to whichever RT channel is required and any additional scaling / offset or user equations can be applied.

By clicking on the + next to each signal the details for that signal can be viewed:

Page last modified on November 22, 2013, at 10:05 AM