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DataFormats / CANDataFormat

CAN Data Format

CAN data can be output at user selectable bit rates of 125k/250k/500k or 1Mbit. The output values can be transmitted at up to 100Hz. The address used by the CAN system can either by a Race Technology format 29 bit address, in which case the actual address used will be shown in the configuration software, or a user defined 11 or 29 bit address. The format of the output messages is as follows:

RT CAN Message Specification

For all messages, bit zero of the validity byte refers to the first data (not accuracy) packet, bit 1 to the next data packet, etc. When the bit is 1, the data is valid, when the bit is zero, the data is invalid. Since the last 5 bits of the address are made up of the unit id, this will need to be added to the addresses shown. The default unit ID is 2. A .dbc file containing all signals is available on request.

More details on the data format for the CAN data can be found here.

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