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Using SPEEDBOX data in Analysis

When loading SPEEDBOX data into analysis, there are a few options that should be set to avoid the data being degraded, and to ensure that the results seen in analysis match those from the SPEEDBOX directly. The most important things to consider are:

  • Speed should come directly from the SPEEDBOX, and not be reprocessed by the analysis, so for example it is not recombined with accelerometers as this is already done internally on the SPEEDBOX, doing it in analysis would seriously degreade the data accuracy
  • The GPS data is not realigned with the other data, eg analogue inputs.
  • It is highly recommended that distance is taken fro the SPEEDBOX, not re calculating it in analysis
  • Check sample rates are set appropriately
  • Check filtering is turned off, or at least used with extreme care

These are the recommended settings, found in the Data / Analysis Options menu.

the sample rate for speed and distance should normally be set to match the output rate from the SPEEDBOX, so for example here it is set to 200Hz:

Page last modified on May 30, 2019, at 05:16 PM