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ECUType / DTAS40S60S80-SerialECU

DTA S40 S60 S80 Serial

The DTA S40 S60 S80 Serial ECU can be configured to output a serial data stream at 57.6kbaud. The ECU may need to be configured correctly for operation with the adapter.

To set up the ECU, open the DTASwin software and connect to the ECU, in the Other Map Settings / Data Stream options, set the unit up as follows:

Press F4 to update the Map to the ECU.

For the section on the output data, the information is the same as for the DTA P8 Pro, but additionally there is Oil Temperature and Oil Pressure

 Note - Not all channels listed in the table(s) above may be available from your ECU. This can be dependent on the vehicle model & year of manufacture.
Page last modified on May 13, 2019, at 07:30 PM