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RTPPPMode / ProblemsUsingPPPMode

Problems using PPP mode

Race Technology engineer’s have spend a great deal of time making the PPP download function as reliable as possible. The system uses a robust 3rd party toolset to get access to the internet and we’ve tested its operation on many combinations of hardware and windows versions – however, a number of users have still reported problems in using it. This guide is intended to help users track down any problems.

To download the GPS correction from the internet the system uses standard FTP protocol, in passive mode to access a number of public sites on the internet. For this to work firstly you must have an internet connection, and also the security settings on your PC and networking hardware must allow such remote access.

If you do have problems with using PPP access then it is recommended that you:

1. Check all the settings on your PC, in particular firewalls that might be causing problems

2. Check all settings on your network hardware that might be causing problems

3. Download a FTP program from the internet (or use Microsoft explorer) and see if you can FTP the same sites that the program is trying to access, these include:

4. Try another PC, or a even better a PC that is using a different connection to the internet

5. Finally there is a log file that is generated by the analysis program, which may help us work out what the problem is. This log file is stored in the user’s application data directory and is called “FTP_log.txt”. For example:

Finally, it is possible that the correction files for a particular location and data simply do not exist, and in this case there is nothing that the software can do.

Page last modified on August 30, 2012, at 02:23 PM