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HowDoI / LoadingALicenceFile

Load a licence file

When you purchase optional additional features for your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO you will be sent a licence file via email. This licence will be in the form of a file called “” which should be loaded onto your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO as follows:

  1. Firstly, please format the SD card for your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO using Windows Explorer or Race Technology Analysis Software. Use FAT32 format
  2. Next, double click on the “” file to unzip it. Copy the licence.dat file within directly onto your SD card. Do not put the licence.dat file inside a folder. It must be on the “root” level of the card for the DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO to read it
  3. Now place the SD card into the slot in the DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO
  4. Turn on the power supply to the DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO
  5. Wait for 30 seconds while the DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO reads the licence.dat file and saves its new settings. During this time the lights on the front of the unit will all illuminate, then the power light will remain illuminated and the status light will flash once per second
  6. After 30 seconds you may remove the SD card from the DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO
  7. Please check the SD card on your computer. You should find that a folder called “DONE” has been created on the SD card, with the licence.dat file inside it. This confirms that the licence has been loaded onto your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO
  8. Please reformat the SD card again. Use FAT32 format
  9. Now turn off the power to your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO, then turn it on again
  10. This concludes the upgrading of your DL1 MK3 / CLUB / PRO. It is now ready for use

Please note: If you have purchased the 20Hz GPS upgrade you will also need to load a separate licence file onto your PC, following the instructions provided with this second licence file ( / codes.bin).

Page last modified on May 23, 2013, at 09:37 AM