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RTAnalysisHowDoI / ActivateVariables

I can't see variable "X" (e.g. an analogue input), how do I can activate it ?

step 1: Enter the "Data menu" in the top left hand corner of the screen and select the "Variable Manager" option.

step 2: This will open a window. Click on the cross that is directly to the left of the general category of variables that you wish to choose from- this will open a sub menu. You may now select the specific variable that you wish to apply.

step 3: Apply the variable.

step 4: To view the variable, press the "Data options" button on your xy graph.

step 5: This will open a window. Open up the sub menu, under the heading "Variable". From here, you can select the variable that you applied.

Page last modified on October 01, 2012, at 11:16 AM