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Hardware / RTCONNECT


The RT CONNECT is a 4G LTE radio modem which provides RTCM correction information to either Race Technology SPEEDBOX products or to other RTK enabled GNSS receivers which require RTCM format corrections to provide 2cm positioning.

Corrections can be sourced either from a Race Technology base station, or from a subscription. Full status information for the connection and satellite information is shown on the LCD.

Using the RT CONNECT with the SPEEDBOX-INS or CATS-INS gives all the benefit of the proven speed and attitude accuracy of the SPEEDBOX-INS, with the addition of positional accuracy upgraded from the 1m level to the 2-3cm level. This brings many more applications within the remit of the SPEEDBOX-INS / CATS system, including:

  • Driving robot input
  • Lane deviation testing
  • Target tracking
  • Driver assistance development and end-of-line testing (ADAS)
  • Driverless vehicle research and development

The RT CONNECT uses the same stacking design as the DL2 and SPEEDBOX for neat installation.

For more information, follow the links bellow:

It is the users responsibility to ensure the products have the correct approvals for the regions they will be operated in. For information on 4GLTE certification click here.

Page last modified on July 06, 2023, at 04:46 PM