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DL1MK3Configuration / FlashCardStorage

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Flash card storage

Flash card storage options for the DL1 CLUB determine which channels of data are logged to the memory card, as well as the naming of the files. These settings are selected from the Flash card storage icon on the DL1 CLUB configuration software:

Variable storage rates

By default, all of the channels of data are set to store as fast as possible. This is 100Hz on all sensors except for GPS, and 20Hz on the GPS data. If internal GPS data is used, the actual maximum data storage rate will be 5Hz as that is the internal update rate.

When certain channels are mapped to come in from the serial or CAN ports, the storage options will include 'ALL', which stores all of the data messages, irrespective of the data rate.

For most applications storage rates can be left as standard. If required, to keep file sizes down to a particular size, it is possible to turn down the rates on individual channels or disable them altogether.

Groups of channels can be set by selecting the yellow box next to the section heading and seting the rate in there.

File naming

File time stamp offset from GMT (hours)

This should be set to your current timezone, it is used to alter the filename from the time reported by the GPS system to give you a correct local time.

Directory and file names

Directory and file names can be up to eight characters long. When data logging it started the DL1 CLUB will either move to the directory if it already exists and try to store a file or it will create a new directory and store the run file in there. There are options for using special characters in the file and directory names. These are important, without them you could only set up one directory name and one filename. After the first file had been logged the DL1 CLUB would no longer be able to store a file. All file name and directory names must be capitals except for these special characters, which are:

dd two digit date
mm two digit month
yy two digit year
rrrr run number up to 4 digits
ssss four digit logger serial number
cc two digit value from custom formula

For the run number up to 4 digits can be used after reaching 9 it will overflow to A, so a file number of 99 will be followed by AA, AB, through to ZZ.

For the default directory name of RTyymmdd, with a run file name set to RUN__rr, the directory will be created with the year month and day:

14th November 2010 would give a directory name of RT101114

Within this file, runs would be ordered sequenciall with the run number. RUN__01, RUN__02, RUN__03, etc.

When cc is used, a custom formula can be entered which will be evaluated at the start of the run and used in either the directory or file name.

NOTE: It is important that files have sequential numbering, without this the DL1 CLUB won’t be able to log any data.

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