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UnitConfigurations / DL1ConfigForDASH

Configuring the DL1/2 for use with the a Race Technology data display (DASH2)

When using the DL1/2 and a DASH together, then the DL1/2 acts as a source of data for the DASH and also receives commands from the DASH (for example start/stop logging) and in some cases other data – communication is 2 way.

To ensure correct operation the DL1/2 must be configured correctly so it sends the correct information to the DASH at a suitable rate. Typically it is best to configure any variables that are displayed on the screen at 5Hz, there is no point is updating these any faster as it is impossible to read values that change faster than that. The only exception is a variable that is used to drive the LEDs, in most applications this will be shift lights driven by an RPM feed, although acceleration is also used in some applications. To do this you need to use the DL1/2 configuration software:

1. Start up the DL1/2 configuration software.

2. Make the required settings as described below.

3. Save the configuration onto a CF compatible with the DL1. This card must be formatted as FAT16, and the file must be stored in the root directory.

4. With the DL1 powered up, insert the CF card into it, the DL1 will read this configuration information and configure itself.

5. Note that the DL1 will store the configuration information on the internal flash, there is no need to reconfigure it before each use.

The DL1 should be configured to:

1. Output all analogue and frequency channels at 5Hz to the serial port.

2. Enable all GPS data except “GPS raw data” to be output over the serial port (without GPS data, lap timing may not work on some hardware)

3. Enable incoming serial data to be sent over the serial port (without this you can’t display any ECU data on the DASH)

4. On the serial port configuration tab you must set the serial port baud rate to 115200, and tick the box that says “Decode serial data”

5. On the frequency inputs tab, please tick all 4 boxes for “Freq measurement” and leave the boxes for “pulse counting” and “period measurement” unticked.

Page last modified on January 25, 2019, at 04:20 PM