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DASH2PROLapTiming / AutomaticAndManualLapTiming

Automatic and manual lap timing

The DASH2 PRO can be used for manual lap timing, using lap markers defined from the Analysis software or during driving around the track, or if this is absent it will automatically set up a lap marker file and generate the lap times. The operation of these two modes is explained here.

Automatic lap timing

Automatic lap timing on the DASH2 PRO ensures that there will always be lap timing data available on screen provided there is a valid lap file available on the unit. When the units logging is started, the unit will begin to look for GPS coordinates that match a particular marker file available either in the units built in database of circuits or in the user directory of the internal memory. If the unit does not find a suitable .lap file available in these areas the unit will begin to add markers. The markers will be added automatically whenever the GPS data combined with accelerometers detects a straight and will stop adding markers once the first marker added has been crossed, at which point lap timing will begin.

Lap timing Database

The DASH2 PRO has the a built in database of circuits to enable lap timing. When logging is started, the unit will search for nearby coordinates matching a .lap file in the database, if one is found the name of the circuit will appear in the bottom row of the screen usually used for the odometer and the timing will begin. The database contains details of around 300 circuits from all over the world.

Manual Lap Timing

When the DASH2 PRO detects a user created .lap file in the internal memory the manual lap timing function will be used, this will show lap timing information based on the markers applied within the analysis software or by using a button on the unit configured to add lap markers. There is no specific configuration needed for the automatic or manual lap timing. If the DASH2 PRO is set up for built in lap timing (info on this can be found Here). This feature will be enabled automatically.

Page last modified on March 30, 2015, at 01:00 PM