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ConnectionToOtherHardware / InterfacingTheVIDEO4To3rdPartyProducts

Interfacing the VIDEO4 to 3rd party products

All Race Technology products use the same data format for their serial data format on the web site, so anything manufactured by Race Technology can be connected directly to the VIDEO4. If you wish to display data from a 3rd party product there are 3 options:

  1. If the 3rd party product has a Can output then you can use the Race Technology Can convertor to convert the CAN data into a serial format suitable for the VIDEO4. This CAN convertor is freely configurable by the user, and only requires that the user knows the format of the CAN data to be converted.
  2. The Race Technology data format specification is fully documented and available on our web site, and help file. So you can talk to the manufacturer of the 3rd party product and see if it is possible to add Race Technology format messages.
  3. Alternatively Race Technology also make a range of data convertor modules that can convert data from almost any source into Race Technology data. However, depending on the application there might be a charge for this service.
Page last modified on May 06, 2009, at 06:55 AM