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MacroSupport / AutomaticRunProcessing

Automatic run processing

The example "automatic run processing" macro monitors for a new run to be uploaded to a RT Cloud account, and then:

  • Downloads the run file
  • Processes the run file using analysis in command line mode
  • Exports some simple summary data

Based on that summary data the macro then:

  • Sets some file properties on the RT Cloud account for that file
  • Generates a PDF file and link that to RT Cloud account for that file
  • Sends an email

The most common target applications for this macro are race scrutineering, and professional field testing of vehicles.

For racing, there is a large number of race cars with either a RT LIVE unit fitted, or a DL1 data logger with an RT LIVE unit. The data from all the cars would be uploaded during the race to an RT Cloud account. Once uploaded Excel would automatically download it, and process it to identify possible rule infringements.

For professional field testing of vehicles, an RT LIVE, or DL1 and RT LIVE send back data to the server. The data can be any combination of CAN bus data and sensors, for example temperatures measured by thermocouples. Once uploaded Excel would automatically download it, and process it to identify possible issues with the data or otherwise summarise it.

In either case the results of the processing would then be either uploaded back to the server or emailed to the relevant person. This fully automatic process would mean that is was not required to get the data from the vehicles, or process the data manually. The result is that any issues with regards rule infringement would be available sooner after the end of a race and requiring less engineers’ time to administer.

To setup “Automatic run processing” macro, it is required to first configure the settings in “Settings” sheet. Username, Password, Email Settings are needed to be set. By putting a tick to “Enable Live RUN Processing” checkbox, the macro starts downloading new files and does processing.

Under “Properties” sheet, the user can click on “Get Properties” button to fetch the currently available properties for run files in RT Cloud. User can then write formulas under “New Value” Column based on other sheets such as “Temp Data” (which will be explained later). Non empty cells under “New Value” column will be set to run file.

User can also design a custom report in “Report” sheet. It is possible to add custom formulas, Excel charts and other Excel related components to this sheet. At the end of processing, this sheet will be converted to a PDF file, emailed to the configured email address and linked to the same run file in RT Cloud.

“Temp Data” sheet is used to import the CSV output of RT Analysis. User can write formulas anywhere on the Excel Workbook referring cells of this sheet such as “Reports”.

To edit the macro code, user needs to click on “Visual Basic” button in “DEVELOPER” Menu. Main processing loop is written under modRTCLOUD module where as supportive function are implemented under modFunctions.

Page last modified on April 23, 2018, at 12:34 PM