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DASH2PROConfiguration / SetUpLCDDisplayArea

set up LCD display area

The set up LCD display area tab is used to configure the main display area on the DASH2 PRO.

Each of the five available screens can be selected by ticking the 'enable this screen' option in the configuration software, then click on whichever of the three main display areas should be edited and select which channel of data should be viewed.

The available units for each channel will change depending on the channel type, the default display label is selected from the variable name settings, this can be edited if required. The number of decimal places can be set from the drop down list as can any smoothing applied to the values.

Note that any smoothing only applies to the displayed values. If these values are being transmitted to a data logger for storage they will not be affected.

Advanced options

Hide display when variable
When selected, any variable in the internal database can be used to hide the on screen value. A typical example of this might be only showing the water temperature when the water temperature is > 90 degrees. The variable used can be any variable either from the internal sensors or from an external CAN or serial data source. Note that the correct units for the variable will be shown in brackets in the drop down list.

Use custom conversion formula
When selected, clicking in the equation box will open the equation entry box, which is the same as used in the Analogue inputs and Variable mapping section. This can be used to apply a different equation to the displayed variable compared to that stored or transmitted on the CAN / serial ports. Note that this only affects the displayed value, not the stored or transmitted value.

Use custom filter and update rate
When selected this overrides the smoothing options in the standard setup to offer a custom rate for refreshing the display and also for the filter value.

Page last modified on July 25, 2013, at 10:33 AM