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HowDoI / LogDASH2AnalogueInputsUsingDL1PRO

Log DASH2 Analog Inputs

This section explains how to configure the DL1 PRO to receive DASH2 analogue channels

1. Configuring the DL1 PRO to expect the messages on the serial port

  • Open the DL1 PRO configuration software
  • If you already have a configuration for the DL1, load in the relevant configuration.
  • Click on the ‘Variable Mapping’ tab.
  • Set Analog 17-20 to be from Serial Port 1 Only:

If you wish to take RPM data from the DASH2, scroll up and set the RPM to also come from the same serial port. If the option is greyed out for taking RPM data from the serial you will first need to disable the internal RPM sensor on the DL1 PRO.

2. Set the storage rate for the data on the Flash Card Storage tab.

3. Save the configuration file and transfer it to the DL1 PRO.

Page last modified on November 15, 2013, at 12:08 PM