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OperatingTheDASH4PROFD / ConfiguringShiftLights

Configuring Shift lights on DASH4PRO FD

Please check the "Performance indicator" section. We need to replace "VIDEO4" with another product.

There are six lights on each side of the DASH4PRO FD, either side of the display. These can be configured to be either red or green lights and can take one of the following functions depending on the configuration.

Shift lights

Based on the engine speed, the lights can be illuminated in a number of ways. If required, different RPM can be used in each gear and an alternative set of conditions can be set for low temperature operation based on the value of a second variable. This is particularly useful to keep engine speed down until the engine is properly warmed up.

Performance indicator

This mode shows the current time slip rate as either a bar chart from bottom to top, or as an indicator from the centre outwards. It requires data from a DL1 MK3 or VIDEO4 to operate in this mode.

Barchart based on variable.

Either bottom to top or centre out display of any chosen variable, with user configurable levels at which the LEDs are illuminated.

There are separate configuration sections for the left and right lights.

Page last modified on December 13, 2023, at 12:57 PM