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HardwareInstallation / Audio


The built in microphone is only fitted to late model VIDEO4, it is not available on earlier VIDEO4s. If fitted the microphone is clearly visible and labelled on the front of the unit in the center of the front panel.

The audio is setup from the “VIDEO4 Configuration Tool” program, from the Configuration -> Audio menu.

This allows you to select the mix of the audio that is taken from the internal and external microphone, to the left and right channels:

Typical configuration examples might be:

  • For a simple installation all the audio for left and right channels is taken from the internal microphone
  • Alternatively connect the helmet microphone to the external audio input and have this on the left channel and “ambient” audio from the VIDEO4s build in microphone on the right channel
Page last modified on January 13, 2011, at 01:03 PM