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Common / GeneralAdviseForFirstUse

Advice for the first/initial testing of Race Technology products

Race Technology products are designed and produced to the highest standards, but if they are installed or used incorrectly then the results will be disappointing. If the logger is to be used on a race car, then it is strongly suggested that the logger is initially tested and used in a road car, with an absolutely minimal configuration with no external connections and power from the cigar lighter if appropriate. Alternatively this test can be done on the desk if a power supply is available. This will allow you to check the logger is operating correctly and give you the opportunity to get familiar with the software.

Once you've successfully tested the system in a road car, the the next sensible step is to test the logger in the vehicle it is to be installed on/in, but again in an absolutely minimal configuration with no external sensors or connections. Again, once the loggers operation has been checked in this mode, add sensors one at a time checking operation under normal operating conditions.

If the first time you test/use the logger it is installed with all it's sensors and there are operational difficulties then it is going to be very difficult to isolate the problem which is frustrating for all parties involved.

Before proceeding with the installation please read the following sections thoroughly and make sure that the installation requirements are met. If you feel uneasy fitting the logging system to the vehicle, or have very limited experience with electrical systems, you may consider getting the help of an experienced technician to help.

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