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DASH2-NEW / Introduction

DASH2 Introduction


  • Robust, die cast zinc alloy enclosure, weatherproof sealing.
  • High contrast, non-reflective, high visibility custom LCD display with EL backlight
  • Dual 14-way Binder 423-series connectors
  • Compatible with the DL2, DL1, AX22 and SPEEDBOX products
  • 6 configurable shift lights
  • 4 stand-alone analogue inputs
  • Wheel speed input for vehicle speed and odometer reading
  • Non-resettable odometer
  • Resettable trip meter
  • Engine speed input
  • Configurable peak RPM hold
  • Gear indicator
  • Max/min recall with reset
  • Configurable high/low alarms on all input channels
  • Connections for optional external buttons to control operation
  • Easily configurable with supplied PC software
  • Warning lights for main beam, indicators, brakes, alternator output and fog light
  • Display in mph or kph and miles or km
  • 5 user configurable data display screens

When used in conjunction with a Race Technology data logger the DASH2 also offers the following additional features:

  • Up to 16 additional analogue input channels
  • Up to 4 frequency inputs for wheel speed
  • High accuracy lap and sector timing based on GPS data, without the need for a trackside beacon
  • Predictive lap and sector timing features
  • Best lap recall
  • Editable target lap and sector times for driver pacing
  • Configurable from PC or directly from data logger
  • Vehicle and engine speed from data logger or external input
  • Use optional DASH2 buttons to set timing markers
  • Start/stop data logger from optional dashboard buttons

What is the DASH2?

The DASH2 is a compact, water resistant data display system designed for use with Race Technology data logging products, but may also be used as a stand-alone dashboard. In stand-alone applications, the DASH2 can display up to four analogue channels, ideal for water temp, fuel level, oil pressure, etc. with warning lights included for indicators, brakes, fog light and headlamp main beam, as well as a non-resettable odometer with trip counter, the DASH2 is also an ideal display system for use on road-going cars.

Connecting the DASH2 to a Race Technology data logger or input module enables access to the full range of features on offer, which can include monitoring of all analogue channels from the data logger and viewing of GPS data, with user-definable alarm thresholds for automatic warnings. The DASH2 also allows control of the data logger itself for starting and stopping logging and adding track markers.

Four remote buttons control the DASH2, three of which can be programmed to provide functions such as resetting the trip meter, viewing maximum or minimum values, starting and stopping logging on an attached data logger, etc. The advanced lap timing features of the DASH2 enable viewing of best lap and sector times after a run, as well as live lap and sector times with predictive timing and programming of target lap and sector times for driver pacing.

Who is the DASH2 designed for?

The DASH2 is designed for anyone wanting a compact yet feature-packed dashboard. From road cars that never see a race track through to single-seater racing applications, the DASH2 displays all the information required by the driver in an extremely compact yet clear and easily read format.

What does the DASH2 do?

The unit accepts the serial data stream from our range of data logging products, converts them to the users preferred units and displays them on the screen. For example you could display exhaust temperature or oil pressure, you can also set warning levels for each channel to indicate when a input is too high or low. Crucially, the DASH2 also displays high accuracy lap and sector times, calculated from GPS data without the need for a track side beacon. The actual data that the DASH2 displays, as well as the units etc can all be configured from a PC to the users exact requirements. Five different user defined screens can be set up, for maximum flexibility.

The actual information available from the data logger that can be displayed on the DASH2 depends on the hardware that the display is connected to, according to the table below:

GPS based Lap and sector times Yes Yes -        
Accelerations Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes    
RPM Yes Yes -        
Analogue channels (temperatures, pressures, etc) 16 8 - 8 (optionally 12) 8 16 12 temperatures
Frequency channels 4 4 -        
Speed Yes Yes Yes        
Position/Altitude Yes Yes Yes        

Please note that the DASH2 can NOT receive a set up file from the SPEEDBOX. You can only view data output from the SPEEDBOX

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