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ECUType / ECUMasterEMUBlack

ECU Master EMU Black


  • EMU Black


In the ECU mapping software, on the left hand side select CAN, Serial and double-click on CAN, the following windows will appear. Ensure that the settings in the current ECU map match the settings shown in the screenshot:

  • CAN-Bus speed = 1 Mbps
  • Enable terminator 120Ohm = Enabled
  • Send EMU stream over CAN-Bus = Enabled
  • EMU Stream base ID(HEX) = 600
  • Send data to BTCAN module = Disabled
  • CAN-Bus dashboard = None


This ECU should be connected via CAN connections. The CAN connections for this ECU can be located on the black 39 pin connector:

  • Connect Race Technology CAN High to Pin 12 on the ECU connector.
  • Connect Race Technology CAN Low to Pin 25 on the ECU connector.

Data Channel Listing

ECU Message name Race Technology Data Channel Resolution of Data
RPM RPM (Engine RPM) 1 RPM
TPS Throttle position (aux 1) 0.5%
IAT Inlet Pre Turbo 1 (temperature 2) 1C
MAP Boost Pressure (pressure 5) 1kPa
VSPD Speed From ECU (misc 4 ) 1km/h
OILT Oil Temp (temperature 9) 1C
OILP Oil Pressure (pressure 2) 0.0625bar
FUELP Fuel Pressure (pressure 3) 0.0625bar
CLT Coolant temp (temperature 8) 1C
LAMBDA Lambda 1 (misc 1) 0.1 Lambda
BATT Battery Voltage (misc 3) 0.027v
GEAR Auxiliary 1 (aux 26) #
ETHANOL CONTENT Auxiliary 2 (Aux 27) 0.5%
IGNANG Ignition Angle (angle 2) 0.5deg
INJPW Fuel Inj 1 PW (aux 6) 0.02ms

Not all channels listed in the table above may be available from your ECU. The available data channels vary with the vehicle model, year of manufacture & connected sensors.

Page last modified on August 17, 2020, at 03:28 PM