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InertialMessages / RTAccel

RT_Accel 3 axis acceleration data

RT_Accel: 128, 0 (0x800020 + unit id) (0x000)

Byte 0: Validity
Byte 1: Accuracy
Bytes 2-3: Accel Longitudinal (g)
Bytes 4-5: Accel Lateral (g)
Bytes 6-7: Accel Vertical (g)
Accel resolution is g/1000.
Accelerations output in this message are X, Y, Z in the sensor axes, which will be X, Y, Z in the vehicle body axes only if the sensor is mounted straight and level in the vehicle.
Note also that the accelerations output in this message are the raw values from the sensor and are not compensated for tilt angle - therefore gravitational affects will appear in these values along with the actual accelerations.
Page last modified on June 01, 2015, at 04:37 PM