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UsingDASH4PRO2ConfigurationSoftware / LoadingAnExistingLayout

Loading an existing Layout

Click on File ->Load layout option to load an existing layout from a DH4 file. If you have already loaded a layout or design area contains at least one control in any of the screens you will be presented with the following dialog.

  • Clear current layout, and load the new one
Clears the design area and allows you to load the new layout from a file.
  • Save the current one, clear current layout and load the new one
Allows you to save the layout you have been editing, clear it, and then load another one from a file.
  • Load the new one on-top of the current layout
Loads the new configuration ( screen desing, variable information, gear and RPM settings ) on-top of the current configuration (layout ).
  • Abort, and do not load the new layout
Cancel Load layout operation.
Page last modified on June 25, 2014, at 01:19 PM