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InstallingTheSystem / InstallationCheckList

Installation check list

The following check list is designed to be a quick reference for connecting the system in day-to-day usage. It is recommended that the more detailed explanations of each step are read in their entirety before initially installing the unit.

  • Ensure the power is disconnected.
  • Secure the unit safely in the vehicle, taking careful note of the mounting orientation.
  • Clamp on DASH securely
  • Switch on the computer and open the performance monitor software
  • Connect Larson and Davis sound meters to laptop
  • Connect modem to laptop
  • Erect reflective barriers
  • Connect the supplied antenna to the modem on the side of the Peli case.
  • Connect the power to a fused 9 – 15V DC supply, e.g. a “cigarette-lighter” type plug, or other fused power supply.
  • Connect CAN bus or sensors
  • Check all cables do not restrict steering movement and are secure
Page last modified on March 13, 2015, at 11:22 AM