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RTLIVEV2-MotorsportAndIndustrial / RTLIVEBilling

RT LIVE billing

RT Live v2 has the following charges, in addition to purchasing the unit:

1. SIM card ongoing charges

SIM cards are user supplied, and as such ongoing service charges are the responsibility of the user, either as a contract or a pre-paid data SIM. We recommend a fixed term 24 month/24GB prepaid SIM.

2. Data services charges (initial RT LIVE unit purchase includes 12 months of all-inclusive data services)

Using the live data, data cloud storage, sending of notifications and reports is an ongoing cost to the user. This is changed as an all-inclusive fee valid for either 12 months or 5 years. The costs are 200 for 12 months, or 500 for 5 years. This works out as either 8.33 a month or 16.66 per month.

Example running costs

For the first year all data service costs are included, so its only the SIM cost to account for.

With the purchase of 3 x 24-month SIM cards, and an additional 5 years of data services; the first 6 years of use are expected to cost around 10 per month.

With the purchase of a 24-month SIM card, and an additional 12 months of data services; the first 2 years of use are expected to cost around 12 per month.

Page last modified on June 15, 2023, at 04:36 PM