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RTLIVEV2-MotorsportAndIndustrial / IButtonDriverIdentification

iButton driver identification

For some applications it is useful to be able to identify the driver of the vehicle. To enable this an iButton interface that is available form Race Technology.

The electrical connection of the interface to the RT LIVE v2 unit as shown below:

Operation is as follows:

  • When the unit wakes up from sleep (either as a result of the units power coming on, or detected movement) the RT LIVE v2 unit will request the driver identification. Until the driver has identified itself the status LED will flash.
  • Whenever the iButton is touched on the contractor, the LED is lit solid for 5 seconds to confirm the code was read correctly.
  • Although the unit only "requests" identification immediately after unit wake up, it is possible the change drivers at any time by simply touching the iButton on the contactor.
  • at the end of a run, the last driver identification is assumed and this information is sent to the web interface.
Page last modified on June 21, 2023, at 11:47 AM