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LoadingAndSaving / GeneralOptions

Loading And Saving General Options


To load a previously saved General Options file (.CFG), go to File > Advanced load/saves > Load general options.

This will open up a file selection dialog:

Select the file you want to load by left clicking on the file and click on "Open" to load the general options settings from that file to the analysis program.


To save current general options settings to a .CFG file, go to File > Advanced load/saves > Save general options.

This will open up a save file dialog:

You can either save general options to a new file by selecting a directory, entering a file name and clicking on "Save",

or you can overwrite an existing file by browsing to that file, left clicking on it, clicking on "Save" and clicking "Yes" in the overwrite confirmation pop-up dialog.

Page last modified on January 10, 2019, at 04:50 PM