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GPS2 / Loading-saving-sendingAndReadingConfiguration

Reading and Sending the Configuration from/to the GPS2

To read or send the configuration from or to a GPS2 unit, ensure that the GPS2 is physically connected to the PC. The standard connection is to use a USB cable connected to the USB port on the GPS2. The GPS2 USB port will always run at 115200 baud, so the configuration software should be set to match (115200 is the default). It is also possible to connect to either serial port 1 or serial port 2 on the GPS2 for configuration. Serial port 2 also runs at 115200 baud, but serial port 1 on the GPS2 runs at 460800 baud, so if this port is connected to then typically a high speed USB<->serial converter will be required.

If the GPS2 is connected to other Race Technology hardware using the serial ports, such as a SPEEDBOX and/or DL2, then it is also possible to configure the GPS2 by connected to the USB port of the other hardware; the configuration messages will be forwarded on to the GPS2 by the other hardware.

To read the configuration from the GPS2, connect as described above, and then press “Read Configuration”. Note that this will overwrite any currently entered values in the configuration software.

To send the currently entered configuration values to the GPS2, ensure that the GPS2 is connected as described above and then press “Send Configuration”. This will cause the configuration of the GPS2 to be overwritten with the currently entered values. The config software will warn if the configuration has not been previously read from the GPS2.

Loading and Saving Configurations from/to File

The unit configuration can be loaded or saved to or from disk using the File menu.

To save a configuration, use "File->Save Configuration". The current values from the configuration software will be saved with the extension ".CMG".

To save the configuration from a unit, first connect to the unit (press "Read Configuration"), which will cause the configuration of the unit to be read into the configuration software. Then save the configuration as described previously.

To put a saved configuration on to a GPS2, use “File->Load Configuration” to load the relevant configuration file, then click on “Send Configuration” to send it to the unit.

Page last modified on March 02, 2018, at 09:08 AM